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Status last updated: 7/17/2024 1:49:56 AM

The teaching-learning process in today's 21st Century Classrooms continues long after the students and staff leave the buildings. With this in mind, the West Deptford Technology Department has created this website as a resource for parents, students and staff. Here, all users will be able to see the real-time status of the many Educational Technology services provided by the District. Each of these services is needed in order for students and staff to gain access. and staff to gain access.

This District website, along with the monitoring service that powers this page, is hosted within the "Cloud" and should remain operational during any outage experienced by the District. The Technology Department is immediately notified of any outage no matter the time of a day, allowing tech staff to start the process of restoring service as soon as possible. This page automatically updates every minute to keep all users as up to date as possible as to when service has returned. When outages occur, automatic updates will occur providing information on exactly which services will and will not be affected, along with any details as to when service will be restored.